How to reach:

From the Airport (6.8 kms) : 

  • There are no autos in Nepal. Only the small tourist vehicles.

  • Taxi - 800NPR for the prepaid taxi. If somebody is fine with bargaining, the they can catch a taxi from exit gate of the Airport for 500NPR-700NPR. 

  • Bus - There is no direct bus from Airport, infact there are no buses from the Airport premises. One has to walk around 300m outside and catch a local bus to Balaju ( 2Km from the hostel), and will cost around 20-30NPR. However we do not suggest guests to take the bus, atleast for the first time arrival in Kathmandu, as it can get very confusing.

From the Bus station :

There are a couple of major bus stations in Kathmandu. I'm mentioning an average tourist price from each of them. 

  • New Bus Park (Gongabu) : Taxi - 300 NPR, Bus (Till Balaju Bus station) - 15-20NPR 

  • Kalanki Bus Park : Taxi - 500-600 NPR, Bus (Till Balaju Bus station) - 20-30NPR 

  • Swayambhu Bus station : Taxi - 300-400 NPR 

No Railways in Nepal.