The distance of Zostel Delhi:

  • From New Delhi Railway Station: (5 Min walk)
  • From Old delhi railway station :- 4 Km (Tuk tuk Fare :- Rs 80)
  • From Nizamudin R Station :- 10 Km (Tuk Tuk Fare :- Rs 130-150 )

Get Directions

How to get?

  • Take a right once you exit the railway station (Paharganj Exit)
  • Walk for 200 Mtrs
  • You will see a board "ARAKASHAN ROAD"
  • Take a left from there
  • You will see our hostel on left and side after 20 Mtrs.

From Airport :- 

Take the Airport Express (Orange line) and follow the above Instructions.

Or you can contact the property for an airport pickup.

For that we need the ticket copy on our mail ID - Cost Rs 700 + Parking.

There are a lot of people who scam tourist outside the airport.. Common things that they say "The roads are blocked, You need to take special permission to enter that area, Due to elections you are not allowed there and the most common one is- The hotel is closed. (They will even fake a call in front of you.)".  Make sure you don't get scammed.