Zostel Kathmandu is in thamel,the city center as well as the backpacker's hub of kathmandu. In Thamel, you have to reach Kaldhara. After getting to Kaldhara chowk, take the reference of International Guest House and follow the same road. After 300m, there"s a diversion towards right side, which has a fork. One leads downhill and one stays at the same elevation. Follow the latter one and kep on that street untill you reach a huge tree (Peepalbot). From there one can easily see Zostel board and a Kumari Painting, which will lead to the property.

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How to reach:

From the Airport (6.8 kms) : 

  • There are no autos in Nepal. Only the small tourist vehicles.

  • Taxi - NPR 800 for the prepaid taxi. If somebody is fine with bargaining, the they can catch a taxi from exit gate of the Airport for NPR 500-700. 

  • Bus - There is no direct bus from Airport, infact there are no buses from the Airport premises. One has to walk around 300m outside and catch a local bus to Balaju ( 2Km from the hostel), and will cost around NPR 20-30. However we do not suggest guests to take the bus, atleast for the first time arrival in Kathmandu, as it can get very confusing.

From the Bus station :

There are a couple of major bus stations in Kathmandu. I'm mentioning an average tourist price from each of them. 

  • New Bus Park (Gongabu) 
    Taxi - NPR 300 ,
    Bus (Till Balaju Bus station) - NPR 15 -20

  • Kalanki Bus Park 
     Taxi - 500-600 NPR,
    Bus (Till Balaju Bus station) - PNR 20-30

  • Swayambhu Bus station 
    Taxi - NPR 300-400.

No Railways in Nepal.

*All prices are approx.